Bday gifts!!! Presentes de Aniversario!

O.M.G was my reaction when at the early hrs of my bday my husband gave me my bday gift! I was extremely happy to receive such a gift! :)
And then my lovely godparents gave me a cute flower bouquet with a perfume set! Lucky me:)

On the day of the dinner that turn in to a party I got wonderful gifts as well! I had 2cakes the 1st one and then the one for the party!
Ingrid Bergman's Quote! 
The cutest Pen EVER!!! 
True Beauty!
Best Mug EVER!!! Will go to my office when I start working :)
Sorry if u don't understand Portuguese!
The Hermes's Scarf, Orange indeed!

Burberry t-shirt, Yes RED 
Very cute gift wrap
Gorgeous Bouquet
The Flower Arrangement was  very cute!
Lancome Set, this Perfume is so Fresh and sweet, loved it!
VS Set I used it before, smells good!
Bday Cake


  1. Feliz Aniversário Claudia Mtas felicidades!
    Amei os cremes da Boticario sao optimos, I wish we had a Boticário store here in Houston :( ...
    Amei todos os outros presentes you are a Lucky girl :D
    Beijinhos Daisy!

  2. Daisy Bigadinha minha Linda, é Verdade, Lucky me! Olha os cremes O Boticario são muito bons, inclusive o de Guaraná, comecei a usar em Janeiro em Lisboa, e olha até deixei por la e agora recebo como prenda hihiihihiih...
    Um beijinho e obrigada por passares pelo meu blog!


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