Make Plans Ahead of Time...

I'd Say... Plan ahead of time...always!
Plan Day-by-Day
Plan Weekly, plan monthly, Plan for a Year... whatever WORKS for you... PLAN!
Make it happen... although plans ended up not what we expect them to be, at least if we plan ahead of time, the chances of POSITIVE GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS is 95%...I Guess... sometimes it happens the opposite of what we initially planned, but hey, that's life right?

Hey folks,
Hope my post finds you all well... I am writing this post because of things that happen to me constantly, and because we are in July already(ending to be more specific),  mid-year has passed, and it's the right time to see how we are doing this year... and Plan the Future... things to Do, Things to Come, etc etc
I planned so many different things, but can't complain much about my year so far... I am still alive and so are my family members (well, we LOST ONE, UNFORTUNATELY, and it still hurts so much)
I am the AGENDA type of Woman... I love having AGENDAS, I love to plan ahead of time... I write on my agenda, I take notes, I make Goals, I Love love love...doing this!

There are 2018 Agendas for sale already... for those who are getting ready to "START SCHOOL" (Don't know exactly when it will be... ) but If I am not mistaken their agenda is from August 2017 to December 2018, something like that... I am so tempted to buy an agenda (already did), but guess what, I have enough for now!!! I am keeping them all organized... I have the "Home Agenda" Where i wanted to plan things for the house, to take notes of Food preps if I have phone calls or things for the house... I have the Blog agenda, LoL, yes, where I write posts and keep track of them... sometimes I am not that organized, but most of the times I am.
I have the agenda I take with me everywhere, then I have the Table calendar which I write down notes... And then a few notepads/note books...

I decided to create a "Theme" for my Office, my stationary...
I love Stripes (black and white), I am into flowers, pink flowers, YES PLEASE, Golds ... so this is something I can stick to till 2018

Hope you like this post,
I loved it making it for you Guys, stay inspired, be Motivated... don't forget...Be authentic...

Kisses and Hugs,

Claudia ClaKi


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