Wish List for this Month...Desejo Ter ainda este Mês

Hello Lovers, I just decided to "drop off" a Quickly wish list...
It can be either for myself to remind myself that when I have some extra I Could buy any of these items, or if my beloved family members/friends could give me what I wish to have this month!
1- Yes I do got me an Artsy YSL Ring but want it in another Style
2- Clarisonic Mia, because I need to star taking care of my skin (30 is on the Way :)
3- Furs are "Must Have Definetly"  Got it!
4- CoCo Noir should I say more?! It's Chanel for God's sake (My Godfather is the one supposed to buy me this perfume and the only thing he's saying is that he cant find it ) Do you guys believe?! This is Everywhere.. Well I came to Portugal, and Lucky me I got it! :)
5- My YSL Parisienne is so Good, I used before, must have!
6- No Picture I wanted so Bad an IPhone 5 and I got it, because my iphone 4 without the S was "Stolen" I mean I don't know if I left in the Cab or Whatever when I got home I couldn't Find it :(
Hope you don't think I am exaggerating, the list should/could be Bigger
Claudia_ Claki


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