Home Decor Crimes... Crimes de Decoração em casa

Lovely readers,
As many of you know I am a recently graduated in Interior Design. I yet have not worked in my area due to the lack of "seek professionals" people in my country, which to me is not so good but hey that's not the end of the world ...
Decor crimes?! What do you know about it?! Well crime to me is always BAD, worse than that a crime is a crime... Well at home is where everything starts... Knowing or not we must do our best!
I am going to list the crimes I've notice thru pictures on the web:
-placing furniture wherever
-thinking that everything looks good
-there's no need to place too much. Just the necessary
-copy and paste (what we see in the magazines or tv shows)
-a toilet goes to the restroom not in the middle of the kitchen, with that said each thing goes to the right place

Dear all,
What I usually see is people that pretend to have great test and are afraid of asking when they have doubts! It's not wrong of learning. None of us were born "knowing" everything ... But truth is, not everybody can be able to pull out a great design! Off course! I may sound mean but I am not... I am just too tired of seeing furniture pieces that belong in the bedroom being placed in the living room! I am not talking about a studio apartment or whatever... Gosh!
I promise to develop this post a little bit more! I am in bed and getting better from a small medical surgery I did!

Love you guys


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