❤❤ Valentine's Here ❤❤

Hello My Lovely Readers,
Vday is a few hours away, and guess what?! I HAVE NO PLANS for it. Why?! Well I am afraid if I start talking about I will not stop...I think I am not as Romantic as I used to be. I am a Lover, very Passionate with Life, I love my Family, my Husband and Blah Blah Blah, but I am feeling a little "Down" Not inspired enough...besides, he (Hubby) will be Traveling on Vday :( 
Well sometimes I think Vday could be every other Day you and your loved one decide to do something Romantic, something different, but the Official Vday is surely February 14th so nothing will change that, what happens on other days are just Romantic Events created by you or your loved ones?!
Do you Guys have lots of plans?!?!!? Lucky you... 
I might do SOMETHING, we never know... but honestly has years goes by I am less Romantic, less worried about satisfying/pleasing my other half (ups I just said:( ) YES because I think it can't be always ME, right?! I hope you guys agree with me... The smallest effort made by your other half is always somehow BIG to you, but when you feel that your other half does not make that "small effort" you just lay low. 
I Won't be Sad 2morrow, because I am Loved, I feel Loved and I love what surrounds me, although my other half is not around, I'll be Okay! Yes I sound sad and sensitive, which women would not be in my situation?! Many are in worst situations, so let me not be sad... I will be wishing to EVERYONE, I will be "checking" people's profile's updates on Facebook off course. I will be talking on the phone with my other half and I will be hoping for a better Vday Next Year! 

PS: I will go over my last year  Vday's Memories
Here is a steak pick:

The Gift I received from Hubyy, I loved it:)
Purple is my Favorite Color!
The Surprise I prepared while he was
playing video Game! I loved it!!!

Ready for Dinner!!! I surprised him with a new Hair Do!
Us During Dinner!!! Oh yeah to those who I've not introduced,
That's my Other Half :) My Friend of 12yrs, my Lover of 9yrs and
my hubby for 2yrs (Yes we've been 2gether for quite sometime)

Desert time! 
Tea Time, Candles! I love this atmosphere!

Gift Ideas:
Hearts Marc Jacobs Clutch!

A Scarf from Burberry
Great Deal on Eyewear!

Honestly I'd Appreciate receiving gifts a little bit different from the usual ones: Flowers, chocolates, Bears, Dinner Reservation, Perfumes and so and so! 

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!!!
Enjoy your Day and make someone's Day Unforgettable!

Claudia Chitas Neto_ Claki


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