🎶 The Grammy's Looks 🎶

My Favorites on the Red Carpet:
JPG Couture

You Got it!!!

Match it Girl...Aqua Looks Good on you!

You Look Gorgeous as Usual Amber!

I am Sorry Skinny Ladies this Plus Size Killed it! :) (Not Because I am one, but Honestly she looks Good!

Very ELEGANT, Great Hair DO, Nice Gold Accent, Lovely shoes! 

The Dress Looks Great on Paris, the Gold Belt, well placed, the Hair Gorgeous, She Looks Very MATURE indeed! 

My Least Favorite:

WTF Minaj?!?! Sorry Keep trying....

Where do you think you where going?! War?!?! 

The Dress is OKAY, but...The Orange Hair?! NOT

This ain't Jersey shore! 

What were you thinking?!?! 

Couldn't find a Brush Diana?!?! 

Esperanza What Happened?! 


  1. From your favourite ones, I loved Paris Hiltons and Alicia Keys. I like the low key and elegant touch to both of them. I can see myself wearing that!!! From the looks u liked the least, I have no comments, lol, but I kinda feel like alot of these celebrities dont really wanna wear all these weird outfits they do. Im pretty sure. lol


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