❤ BeLated V-Day Activity ❤

 My Lovely Readers, 
 I was supposed to make this post right after V-Day, it's better late than never. Here are my activities on Valentine's Day. I woke up with a friend's call, asking me if I had something he could give to his wife. I was sleepy, and told him, actually I do, but haven't prepared anything. So he told me: "I rather give money to you than give it out to someone else!"... Instantly I "Jumped" out from bed, called my mother (My BF needs to know everything right away) I asked her to buy me some basket where I could put some goodies! Gladly I had some ribbon  rolls for V-Day, YEAH! Scissors and tape, voilá! Since I had no clear wrap paper, I used Tulle, actually it ended up looking CUTE! 
Scissors and Tape

Aluminum Basket

Inside the Basket

1st Goodie Basket

2nd Goddie Basket- Being Wrapped


3rd Goodie Basket- Lotion, Secret Deodorant,
Shower Gel with Soap and shower Cap

3rd Goodie Basket Wrapped

4th Goodie Basket 

Finished Basket

Delicious Food, Great Company (Family Quality time) I Love It!!!
Our Dinner Table 

Table Set-Up, done by Me. I am in LOVE with my Mom's
Ralph Lauren Plates set!

Desert Counter

Me :) Happy to Spend such a Lovely Evening with my MOM, Uncles, and Little Cousins! 

Hope you Guys Enjoy my Post! 
Later on I am sure I will make another Post Because I am Sad :( I am rarely sad, but 2day and the past few days, suddenly I get very worried, thinking a lot...It's the Phase I am going thru: RE-ADAPTATION!!! 
Kisses & Hugs


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