☆ A Estoria do Sapato de Cinderela ... The ciderella's Shoes Story ☆

... Num Dia destes, (Em Junho 2011 Precisamente), numa das minha idas ao Centro comercial, fui convidada para um Inicio de colecção na CHANEL, fui directamente para as Carteiras, Claro...vi algumas, muito estilo Único, Próprias COCO CHANEL com Karl Lagerfeld toque Abençoado, umas muito Caras, e outras Bem a minha CARA, mas infelizmente não tinha Dinheiro para comprar nada naquele momento...Louvado seja Deus, porque senão não hesitaria  em compra alguma coisinha! 
Depois vou para o departamento de Sapatos...o meu olho clinico levou-me directamente para eles!!! Os Tais...
...Once upon a time (June to be precise 2011) , on one of those "trips" to the mall, (Tyson's Galleria @Neiman Marcus) I was invited for CHANEL's TRUNK SHOW! I went straight to the Bags ... Off Course, saw a few, very UNIQUE, Very COCO CHANEL with Karl Lagerfeld's Blessed TOUCH, some very pricy, and some very ME, but unfortnately I had NO MONEY to buy anything at that time ...thanks God, because I don't think I would hesitate on buying a bag or a pair of shoes!
Then I go to shoe's department ... my BIG EYE sent me directly to the RIGHT DIRECTION .... 
this Direction...
Fiquei extremamente APAIXONADA por eles....queria experimenta-los logo, mas eram os únicos na loja um tamanho bem pequenos! :( Olhei para o preço e não me doeu, honestamente, são da CHANEL, não são Loubs (com todo respeito, mas CHANEL é CHANEL...Alô!!!)
 I felt DEEPLY IN LOVE with these shoes...I wanted to try them SO BAD, but it was the ONLY ONE in store, size 6 or 7. I wear a 10 on CHANELs :( I looked at the Price and it didn't Hurt me, honestly, it's a CHANEL shoe, this ain't Loubs. (No Disrespect, but CHANEL is CHANEL ...HELLO!!!)

Sexy Back I Said...This was the Shoe I couldn't try on, but the one I post on Facebook to all my Chanel Friends! They Loved as Much I did!
Front View...ain't this shoe CUT, CHIC, CLASSIC? Indeed
Do you Believe this Little Thing Costs About 10grans?! WOW... 

That was an OK Price, and Is Still on My Wish List :) Can't Help, I  ❤ CHANELs
 With NO LUCK the only thing I could do was order the Shoe, and wait untill it would become available @Neimans. Since I am very persistent I decided to go to the CHANEL Boutique in the Mall still...No Luck what so ever! I prayed so that the salesman called me and say "I GOT YOUR SHOES" this call never happened!!!
Time Went buy...before my trip to angola in June I stopped by the store and I asked him if the shoes arrived and he looked at me like: "did you really wanted the shoe? "OFF COURSE I wanted the shoes...he wrote my name over again on a piece of paper, my phone # and I told him I was going to Travel BUT once in a while I'd have my phone ON in case he called me (yes rooming)
Well...June went by, so did July...
In mid August I went back to the store and couldn't find the Guy I made my order, they told me he was no longer working there...WTF... I was extremely Devastated with the new, but I asked another salesperson if I could Re-order the Shoe. They had the Flats ... I told them I want the heels to wear on my Graduation Day and for VERY SPECIAL occasions! Well, they came up to me and said that the shoe was NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! Still I didn't give Up...I went to CHANEL BOUTIQUE once again and ask them if they had it...If they could order for me! The lady was very helpful, she told me she would look EVERYWHERE for me...
By that time I had the money to buy my Lovely Shoe...She even wanted to take my CC (credit Card) info. I sure gave to her, because I thought it would be CERTAIN that I would get the Shoe... This was precisely September/October  ALREADY ( YES I WAS VERY PERSISTENT INDEED!!!) No sign of the shoe... :(
November came by and still NO SHOE, but I was always thinking about the SHOE!!!
On another trip to Neimans (mid November) I saw again the Flats, I asked again about the Heels, the guy assisting me went to the back and said, "Sorry we don't have them", I insist and said "NOWHERE?!?" and he signals something like NO, but I stayed still where I was and he walks towards me saying: Guess what?! I FOUND THEM!!! I was Like: FOR REAL!?!? You guys Don't Imagine how HAPPY I felt...ahahahahah...DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!
Without hesitation I gave him my Card, to make SURE I get the Shoes after all I've gone thru... He said It would take a few Days (The Longest Days EVER!) I even came to the store without him calling me to ask if he received them. Guys, and Guess what?! The Lady at CHANEL Boutique told me "Let it go, you will not find them" she was telling me to GIVE UP on something I wanted SO BAD!!! Even when I told her that the guy found the shoe, she said he must be crazy, they are nowhere to be found WORLDWIDE!!! WHAT?!? Well I must be VERY LUCKY THEN... By the Way I Got them in December (biginnig
Finally I got the so well Waited Call:
"Your Shoes are here!!!"

When I received them I made sure I opened with Suspense LOL

I had to Laugh/smile, because the MOMENT had arrived...
In the Plastic bag they were already GORGEOUS!!! 
Look at me, all Happy to FINALLY touch them! 
They are SO COMFY! 

Happy go Lucky

All the Things Are Possible, to those who Believe!!!!
I Have my shoes now, although it took me Quite sometime but the most important aspect is that I DID NOT GIVE UP on them, so NEVER GIVE UP on ANYTHING even if people tells you to do so!!!


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