Sleek Comes to The States @Ulta Beuty Stores

Hey Guys,
My Post Today is to inform my MakeUp Lovers in The United States that Sleek Makeup is now available here. You can go to ULTA Beauty Stores and there will be many makeup products of the Brand. I've known Sleek for a few years now... I used to buy them in Europe,  let me tell you a little about the brand itself:
It's a Britsh brand, the price range is reasonable ... I'd say affordable ... very similar to drugstores' prices. Their eyeshadows are GREAT, very pigmented ... I own a few of their eyeshadows paletes ...and a few other products
... and honestly I am so interesting to see the goodies they have in stores now! I heard their lippies are good, and I've seen a BBCream from them as well that is great for colored women!

Here are my sleek goodies (the ones I brought before)

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette Medium 374 (I love this one) 

Shangri-la Collection Respect 892 i-Divine

Snapshots 732 i-Divine 
Hope you liked... so go ahead and get yourself some Sleek Makeup goodies that you will nor regret!

Claudia ClaKi


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