Great Saturday - Bible Study

Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone had an amazing Saturday,
as of me...I spend a few hours in the church for a Book Review/Bible Study and it was AMAZING!!! YES!!! God is Good... on a rainy Saturday, the House of God was full of Sisters, Praising our LORD!
After that I went to the supermarket and after that went to my favorite Art's and Crafts store "Michael's" to check some stuff for my babies upcoming birthday...
I decided to share this here with you all because I believe many of you know my struggles, at least a few... the most recent one, the death of a relative... my beloved uncle... it still hurts SO BAD, but I am hanging there and push forward! I must be strong!!! It ain't easy, well life is not easy at all, why would this healing process be?!
Well let me tell you that when i came home I cooked a great meal for my family, we enjoyed very much, and now I am so ready to rest and get ready for Sunday Service at Church! I know my Pastor always got us SOMETHING REAL GOOD!!!

Well, for now, it's all...
I am getting used to write again in English, I hope my Portuguese Readers don't get me wrong!
I promise my next post will be in Portuguese, I bet there's a way out there to translate either way.

Truly yours,

Claudia ClaKi


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