Truly Recommended: Being Mary Jane

Season 1
Because of her (MJ( I will keep loving "Post its" so badly!!
Season 2
Went by so fast, and made me watch very quickly so that I was aware who would she be with...urgh!!
Season 3
Maybe my Favorite so far... the 2firts episodes really got me! I cried, could you believe this?! OMG
What I really love about this show is how real it life experiences are. I am learning a lot from it, not only ROMANCE in involved, but a lot of everyday issues: Family related, Love related, job related and the list goes on and on...
She his definetly gorgeous, and her character is being played so well ...always dressed to impress, wearing high heels like she's in the runway...AND...even though she has struggled with relationships she still has her "Booty Call Guy" that she can relay on...
I deeply Recommended... because it took me a while to watch it, and when I finally did I couldn't Stop!

Here are a few Quotes that I really Love to read when each episode starts, and I pay attention of what they say because its always a life-lesson !

Hope you enjoyed this Post!

Claudia ClaKi


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