Healthy is Better!

Hello my beloved readers, I've come into a point that I am tired of my "FAT"
Honestly, I just don't want to have trouble fitting on my own clothes! Could u believe I feel like "nothing fits me!?" I am being sarcastic of course but I feel this way because right after I gave birth I was thinner and I brought some clothes and now they don't fit!!!
I feel very sorry for myself for letting this happen ... I gained more weight than I had during my pregnancy! Shut up!!! YES I did!!!! Urgh!!! 
So yesterday I want to my Diabetics Doc for help loosing all this weight I quickly gained without even notice! Yes I did notice!!! 
I have in mind what I am supposed to do, for my own sake I am going to do it!!! 
I am watching what I am eating and follow my Docs's eating plan, he made specially for me! It's all up to me!  
Could you believe I even ask him to start in February first and he told me: Start tomorrow LoL
So here am I trying my best! 
I need to weight me 3 times a week !! Gosh I so hate that but it's good! This way I will be aware of how good I am doing good or not ! 

I am supposed to do 9 meals! Of course small ones. As of now I did 3. 
This is my 3rd one: 
Veggies soup with some seeds and a cup of tea! 
Yummie?! Yes I can make it yummy-licious
Claudia Claki


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