terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2014

My Chanel Bag Collection

That was my first one,
... And like they say it... Once you start, there is no stop!!! 

It was love at the first sight... I dreamed about it; I wanted so bad, and I remember the episode when I went to the store to get it; it was no longer in display at the boutique! So I didn't panic, I went up to  chanel salon, and it was there! Yuppi !!! 

As always, I Find more attractive the "less comom" bags... That one at the time was my favorite! I had few options related to color, do I went for the blue! But I'd go for something else because now I look at it and realized my Chanel bags are mostly blue. 
Beach kind of bag!!! It's huge... The way I like it, but I would not use it in the beach, for the simple reason, it's fabric, if it gets wet it's a problem ... It can be a bit delicate so I avoid using near wet/humid 

Last but not least ... The executive type... Not usually what I would buy it, but hey, sometimes we must get out of our comfort zone. I almost gave to my mother but I start using more often and it will be great when I start working!

Well that's about it of my chanel bag collection... I hope you like it! 
Yes I am addicted to bags... Designer bags specially! 
Kisses and Hugs
Claudia ClaKi 

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