My Chanel Bag Collection

That was my first one,
... And like they say it... Once you start, there is no stop!!! 

It was love at the first sight... I dreamed about it; I wanted so bad, and I remember the episode when I went to the store to get it; it was no longer in display at the boutique! So I didn't panic, I went up to  chanel salon, and it was there! Yuppi !!! 

As always, I Find more attractive the "less comom" bags... That one at the time was my favorite! I had few options related to color, do I went for the blue! But I'd go for something else because now I look at it and realized my Chanel bags are mostly blue. 
Beach kind of bag!!! It's huge... The way I like it, but I would not use it in the beach, for the simple reason, it's fabric, if it gets wet it's a problem ... It can be a bit delicate so I avoid using near wet/humid 

Last but not least ... The executive type... Not usually what I would buy it, but hey, sometimes we must get out of our comfort zone. I almost gave to my mother but I start using more often and it will be great when I start working!

Well that's about it of my chanel bag collection... I hope you like it! 
Yes I am addicted to bags... Designer bags specially! 
Kisses and Hugs
Claudia ClaKi 


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