Wedding Look back in Dec.2013

It's an old post my dears but what counts is the intention! 
All I meant to say is that I am trying to update you!
This was back in December when I was back Home, had this Wedding and here are some pictures of what I wore, my make up (which I made a Video, sorry it's in Portuguese only) and I was very pleasead with my picks! Hope you like it...


Face... I decided to go purple on the eyes cause I was trying a new eyeshadow I brought from Sephora. Can't go wrong with a Red Lipstick!

The first time I wore this dress was about for years ago ... could you believe it?! It's from TARGET ...omg I remeber how much I paid for it $24.99 yeah great's a summer dress but goes well on weddings! Can u notice my belly?! The Little lace Jacket is from ROSS...Dress for Less...Hell yeah...and I guess on this one I paid less than 5Bucks!!!! I MISS USA !!! that's all I can Say!

Posing... That Cluch is from Nine West, Hot Pink!

Went Low on accessories... little black bracelet, a ring and my Movado Watch Voilá!
You can't see my shoes, but I can't even remember when was the last time I wore high heels! Maybe in September, on Hubby's Birthday... Since then they are all stored! Missed of course!
I wore my pink Flats from Bally!

That's it for the wedding... I hope you enjoyed my Prego Look for the Wedding!
I Enjoyed the Wedding, danced a lot!
From us to u a Big Hug and a Kiss!
Claudia ClaKi


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