Pregnant and Fashionable

... To some of you, it might be something new, knowing that I am pregnant. I sometimes feel so exhausted, and frustrated I should Say, while picking cloths to wear. Gladly I have not Yet purchased anything (with the exception of a pair of prego pants) because everything still fits accordingly, well not the pants, the very few that close are my favorites but are not appropriate for cold weather so my prego "pants" are my leggins...can't go wrong with them, feel so comfy with them... blouses and shirts are Okay, because I like them loose with the exception of my interior shirts that feel so tight and now that the belly is Growing I feel very uncomfortable.
I am sure I will not go crazy buying clothing during pregnancy, I think since I found out I was pregnant my shopaholic side change... on everything, I hope it disappears lol, because I love to shop! ...if not at least diminish and I become something else -Holic hahahah.
One good thing is I still Got it, Check it Out:

Hope you guys like it! I am doing my best staying fashionable!

Claudia ClaKi


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