Baby's Stuff

Hello dear readers!!!
O hope you forgive me, been extremely busy... Taking care of stuff for my babies you don't even know!!! 
Came by to sho you our ( mom & dad ) new goodie for the girls!!! OMG its too good! The Baby monitor! 
Thank God Daddy is a Technology guy and mom agrees with almost everything (almost) when its good and useful
... Take a look:
We are iaddicted 😍 everything that works with our iphones/I devices it's a go! 
Daddy even tried out hehehehe

And mom was exploring it! 
Love it... Highly recommend ... Have no idea how much it costs! 
How it works!? I have no idea because I haven't seen it!!!

Hope you like this post! 
Truly yours,
Claudia ClaKi 


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