Something NEW !!!

Hey Loves, I hope you all had a Fantastic VDay, 
I can not complain... we Celebrate Love all year round, we say I LOVE U frequently, but YES our V-Day was Fantastic. I cooked for the family, my Mom is still here so it was amazing!!!

We actually had a Pre-Vday celebration as well, with my Parents in Love at a Local Restaurant, it was also AMAZING... Food was Delicious... 

I Don't Remember when we celebrated Vday just the two of us anymore; Ever since our girls were born, we choose to include them in our celebration...feels so Good.

I know, I know... u read in the title of this Post "Something New"
I am all excited talking about Vday and I almost forgot fo fill you In... The New is...

It's Official and I am very Happy to JUMP into "Something New" 
Feels Like I am just starting the Year in February... truth be told, it is during the Tough moments that you feel led to do MORE... Be intentional... I wanted something new and went for it!
I will not share YET where I am working, but I will definitely make a post about it and explain ALL the details!!!
I am telling you, this year is Special... I don't know if I mention here the 22 is MY NUMBER...that's my Birth Day, it means A LOT to me!!! 

Well my loves now its time to go to bed, I promise to come anytime soon!

Stay Well, 

Dream, Embrace it... Don't Give Up!!!





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