Good Bye my Lover, Good Bye my Friend...

This Song is in My mind to write this Post... Listen Please!!!

I have to THANK February for being Good to me, for being a very challenging Month in many aspects... It brought me a LOT of NEW THINGS... New Experiences, NEW JOB... (I am still at my old Job as well... Because I Like there)

I allowed myself to NEW... isn't that amazing?! Yes it is... most of all New Learnings! I love to Learn and you know it... I am Excited with what next Month is holding for me.

I promised my readers I Would come and tell/talk about my New Job, where Possibilities are Beautiful , I am now working at ULTA BEAUTY my Loves! YES... starting fresh... its going to be a NEW STORE, near by 

I will SURE come here regularly to talk about it... this year the Blog turned 10yrs and I feel Like I MUST share more often, that's my way of Celebrating, of being "Consistent" with my many Ups and Downs, I feel like coming here is one of my Safe Places!

I wanted to share more... but I need to make sure I get enough sleep, I work tomorrow, at ULTA, and can't wait to learn new things... every-time is different, I don't have an exact opinion YET...but once we go to "Our New Store" I will come and Share for sure.
Right Now I am struggling with What to wear , I know right, seems like I had I figured out, but I don't... I am an Artist, "Free Spirit" Black is NOT my Color of choice when is "Outfit related", I can do Black Yes, but not always... when but the have a Color pallet I can wear... but then SHOES, I got so use to wear Tenis Shoes/sneakers and now I am Struggling! 
I will ask Hubby to take pictures of me LOL... I miss my LOTD posts! It has been a while...

Well it's time go...
Thanks for stopping Bye!



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