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Hello All,
Just to let you know that last week I did my First Style consultation! Yeah!!! A passion and dedication that is now coming alive as a job... I am giving baby steps, that's the way to go... I am "studying" Using every tool out there to become better at it!

I will definitely come with more details anytime soon about my Services, what exactly I am doing... I always knew that FASHION is a big passion of mine so I am putting a lot of me into this new thing... It actually happened before I expected ... I was afraid to start I may say...I have the knowledge, I am indeed a person with a good eye for great things... the skills are there, so is the gift, why not?! Let's Go for it!!!

I am so sorry for not posting regularly I am busy busy busy... and yes the Holidays are coming!!! OMG! already!
So see you later, kisses and Hugs,


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