Busy Busy Busy

Hello all,
Sometimes when I am thinking carefully about something I tend to write in the language I am thinking... so this post it’s going to be in English ... my whole week has been Busy busy busy,  so far... which I actually don’t mind, I like to get busy, I like to plan ahead, but it’s only me or everybody agrees that time is running very fast... the year just started... ups I meant to say the Month just started but next week we are already celebrating Thanksgiving OMG!!! Where are you going Mr. Time?!? Please slow down... next thing we know it’s Christmas... next year, and so and so!

Well all I want to "worry" or think about is how busy it is at my work place, here at the house, getting ready for thanksgiving...what I am going to cook, who's coming and o and so... I already start my table settlings, YES...cause I was just planning the other day and then decide to leave as it is... adding so and so, and taking out whats not needed.

This week I am working short schedule, but still...I am resting as much as I can, going to bed early, and waking up as always... Today I even get to work extra early! WOW !! I am improving...
It's all because I get excited to see the new stuff we are getting, seriously... so many CUTE stuff... I mean, xmas it's all about magic, I guess...the Girls asked me if I am going to decorate! WOW...I might do a little something and something right after Thanksgiving.

So that's about it...I guess I've said enough! Wait for new upcoming posts, I bet you will like them!

Claudia ClaKi


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