Memorial Day - Weekend

Hello, My Beloved ones...
Today I am writing to let you know how my weekend was ... hope that you also had a fantastic one. Mine was long... Monday felt like Sunday... how great can it be? The Girls were home and gladly they didn't make a big mess... I enjoyed my weekend because I sat and read a book... I don't usually spend much time reading ...this book is INDEED very good, I have not read a book that makes me laugh that much, I enjoy reading every page...the book is Every thing Every Thing... I am reading on a Rush (Kind of) because I want to go see the movie... and I want to compare one to the other... and I Hope that while watching the movie I feel the same way I do now that I am reading the book...

Well, I think I made this post just to keep you posted on my weekend... I cooked, off course, but on Saturday we went to an Event Viva Vienna... the girls had fun, we also enjoyed see them happy but unfortunately the food we ate...ugh... not good, I mean I ate, we paid for it... hubby said the best we had was the Ice Cream... YES totally agreed ... We are Ice Cream Lovers... especially the girls!

That's it for today (late usual ... hahahaha I tend to start and then do something else... well that's me... )
See you soon Guys,
Hope you enjoyed this post,

Claudia ClaKi


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