Greetings From Dutchland!

It's good to be back, and like the lady that takes care of my in-law's house said "when you went you were two, and now you came four!" God Bless my lovely family!
I am happy to be back, it was here in Berlin that I found out I was prego and can't get this out of mind ever. My first trimester I spent here. I Like it here, it's good, and I know the stores pretty well LOL.
This time will definetly be very special and very different, instead of exploring the city just me and hubby, it's going to be us and the girls.
It's cold, but nothing that we are not used to... The girls are seem to love here as well ... Being good to us and to the ladies who are watching over them. 
Well I will keep you guys posted of our adventures here in Berlin.
Claudia ClaKi


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