Shoes vs. Man

What a compare/contrast I am doing LOL
Shoes Vs. Man is very tough ... Woman love Shoe, and Love Man but they do not really go together or make sense in the Mankind point of view! What type of shoes man like ? They are against pretty much every model/style of shoes, I think that is  because they have few choices for themselves and woman got tones of models to choose from hahahhah...
I will most likely use the mans around me examples to make it easier... for example: My husband has lots of shoes himself. Not as much as I have (Dahhh ) but he has the colored one, the two tone, the tennis shoes, the sneaker, the loafers, the boots, the flip flops and so on. Well, I would say that, this happens because of me! Seriously, he got inspired by me; Being a Fashionista pretty much tells all: I love SHOES, I am a color Freak, meaning I got to have the color wheel on my Shoe closet, you know what I am saying?! It´s all about the Shoe... Loving them... having countless pairs of them... considering them our best friends and so on...Would man say things like that about SHOES!? No way... On the other hand, they will name cars and we woman will be surprised. That´s generic I think! My brother and uncles are a bit less colorful than my husband, they are more like; few pair of black shoes, browns and a few sporty shoes! Even my mom got a lot of shoes, so it´s really our POWER!!!
Man will never understand this feeling probably, as much as we try to explain to them that we need a crazy amount of them, they don´t get it!
Hope you like it,
See u soon,
Claudia ClaKi


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