Chanel Makeup Summer 2013

Finally I got what I want it, 
Just like always, thanks for that! I hunt I don't give up looking... I usually want and care for the most "irregular things" or "special edition" items that can't easily be found! That's how I am... But this summer collection was driving me nuts! Everyone was posting but me! It's gorgeous, that's all I can say! 

Hope you like it as much I did! 
These are the stylos ... The 3 colors I felt in love with!

... See how gorgeous they are?! 
Swatches ...
And obviously the most beautiful items of Summer collection are these two!!! Bel-Argus and Azuré Nail polishes! 

Last but not least
I couldn't resist to that Lip care so a got it too. Smells good .... Uhmmm!!! 


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