OMG Where did January Go?!

it's February already, let's welcome the month of Love and Carnival and hopping to be good to all of us. I can't complain much about my January, by the way it went well, although went very fast, but I did enjoy every bot of it. I am still in Portugal for a few more days and then I am going Home-ANGOLA-Luanda. I really miss my family! Yes all of them, they were here but I miss the ones who didn't come to Portugal and even those that came, we had so much fun and I want to continue the fun with them 4ever! Even hubby went back...that means, I am alone! Which I thought I was getting used to be alone, I guess NOT!
In this life, we always need Someone! For sure!
I am not feeling so good, but decided to at least stop by to say Hello, because I really miss you! I have Lots of great posts to keep u guys up to date my current events! I promise to do it ASAP!
That's all for tonight,
Stay Warm my Lovely Readers
Claudia Claki


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