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Hey lovers,
This post today will be about my facial routine! I was never interesting in taking care of my face, honestly; there are so many products out there which I found very difficult to choose from...  what scared me the most was: every time I attempted to buy facial products the few professionals who helped me had very "bad faces" LOL (It might sound funny, but if the product is so good why are you not taking care of your face honey?) even the excessive use of foundation and powder didn't "hide" the pimples on their faces! Seriously... How I am going to trust?!
Again ...it sounds funny but that was the feeling I always had since a few weeks ago I decided to give myself a try, I found something... and I found out a good friend of mine was also using a few of the products. so I felt secure! I am talking about Dior
I am sure they are not the best, or the most expensive ones, but they are the ones I felt extremely happy to try; So far I have no complains about it... I was worried because I am from a Tropical Humid country and I am in my country for a week now and can't complain at all!
Great Choice. Check it out:

Here they are
The two tall one are actually for the body, I trust every type of Oil for my body...
one is for my eyes (shorter bottle), and the other is the Serum
This is the Hydra Life Pro Youth Sorbet Creme 

In Addition to these Beauty products I am using a Shisedo purifying Mask and a Cleanser Gel for oily skin from a brand called Bernard Cassiere. Last but not least my mom got me the Calrisonic Mia I was dying for so now I can call my 30th bday because I am ready for it!

Hope you enjoy this Post!
Claudia Claki


  1. Claudia, I fully support you in your decision to start a face routine, I think it really works as long as you find good products and a routine that really works for you.
    I have to agree with you that many of the ladies selling products at some beauty counters do not have the best skin out there. I also hesitate to take advice from people who do not look as good as the products they are trying to sell say you can look like.
    I prefer to get my advice from great and renown fashion and beauty magazines, from trusted friends with great skin, and lately from beauty blogs and some Tv shows.
    All the best

    1. Marcela, as Always its a pleasure to have you here at mine/your blog!
      Great response.... I think is working fine so I will continue my journey on taking care of my face.


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