1st Party By ClaKi Events here in the Motherland!

Dear all,
like I told you guys before, i've being doing a lot lately and my first Event just took place June 23rd 2012. A 1st Bday Party. The party theme was wonderful, I wish I had more to work with (in terms of decorative stuff); Although it was a great experience, as always, in every event planning, or on cite there's always throwbacks/trouble/disagreement, and I had experienced many througout this entire journey of planning and so and so. At the end of the day all I wanted was my hubby supporting me, and myself and my stuff out of that place! Seriously!!!
I worked as a friend, and I think I was more of a friend than a professional...but well...shit happens! I hope on my next party/event I don't have to face as many issues I did on this first one!
And another thing...it don't matter how long have u planed the event...it always depends on A LOT of things: For example: Place, own/rented/ people you hire, people you dealing with/ materials/ conditions/ what is missing etc etc...If I keep going I think this post is going to be HUGE!

Enjoy the Pictures....


  1. Hi !

    Its nice !

    How to contact ? Number please !

    U have to put ur number here!

  2. You are right!
    My contact number is: +244 936072807
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. UPS SORRY...I placed the Wrong Phone Number LOL...that;s why I get no Calls ....here is the correct Phone Number: +244 926 072807


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