What to Wear in Every Color Part II

USummer is here and we can finally wear more colors ...
As I posted before on the what to wear in every color this is the II part... Be inspired, cause I will; I already stared some shopping and have created my wish list ...

I need me some "Kelly Green" pants

I wear this color in winter mostly

Used to wear it!

Lovely... I have it... Get the lipgloss in that color too!

I would wear it at night for sure!

I need more of this color in my Closet! 

... Not a big fan ! 

Need it!!! 

So cute... Pastel kind of

My favorite! And I love it mixed with Red... Will try the other colors

Another pastel like and indeed on my list 

Don't think I like it very much

Yes Please!!! This became my color since I found out I was pregnant with my girls..

Already in my closet! Great color....

Another Pastel that I love...

I like it... 

Last but not least... I could wear it, use it and mix it 

Claudia Claki


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