Bye Bye October

I usually don't say bye bye at the end of the Month but since I did not appreciate this whole Month at all I am doing so. 
Not that it was all bad, but it was bad enough for me to say bye. 
I did had something done during the month but not as exciting and pleasant so on the few left minutes I have to say... Go away.... LoL
It wasn't even a good Month for the blog, I was so absent the entire Month! Didn't post anything HoT, cool and Nice for my Loyal readers... 
Bad October...
 👺👹Happy Halloween!!!! 👺👹
I gave out some candy to the kids o rang the bell... Omg they were all so excited for it... I missed my days in the States when I even Decorated the House just for the little ones!!!
Well I hope I see u guys soon since October is gone :) Let November be a Month of excitements !!!

Claudia ClaKi


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