I am SS (SO SORRY) :)

I am very sorry for the Lack of Postings Lately...
No, I am not Back in Luanda-Angola, still here in Berlin- Germany. As much as I wanted to post I just could not, even from my Cell phone where I was posting from, Lately... figured out the the Quality of my phone´s pictures are not as good as they appear on the phone. SORRY GUYS!!!
Last thing I want to do is disappoint my Loyal readers... I´ve  been through so many, not feeling good, worried, but at least, now and today I am BETTER :) Soon I will let you guys know what´s happening in my Life... (That´s the purpose of my blog actually) ...Well at least I´ve been working, reading and gathering so much Good stuff for blog´s post hopefully I start doing...I am not Lazy, I am just not in the Posting mood that I wanted to be...Maybe now that I decided to create an environment to work and write, let´s see. I was so desperate for summer and now that is here I can´t even breath properly ...it´s very HOT, and there´s no AC installed in the House... and our room is on the "Roof" (The House Attic) I am now posting from the Winddow! LOL (Will take a Picture to include in the Post) 
Hope you guys Forgive me ...
Truly yours,

Claudia Claki  


  1. Hope you feel even better soon. Focus on the gorgeous view you have from your window, may it take you to even better places and memories!


    1. Miss Silly Thank you my Dear...
      I am focus on matters that make me Happy...trying to be stronger and stronger!!
      Honestly thanks very much!

  2. it is ok to take your time and enjoy life! you surely deserve the best of it! sending you all my love and a lot of good vibes!
    wish you a fantastic week!

    1. Aida you are too cute and very Kind!
      Thank you very much for you support! Good Vibes Taken! I was in Need!
      Kisses and thanks for stopping By!


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