A Healthy Morning Means...

Hello Lovers...
This time I am hoping to post more often, either in Portuguese or in English, it Doesn't matter, well this is going to be (or supposed to) a Short Post on what a Healthy Morning means...
Nowadays, changing a bit of my lifestyle and daily routine, the HEALTHY morning means A LOT to me; and its based on this healthy morning that my day goes on.
It Means:
...While I am still in my favorite place THE BED 😴
- Around 6:40 my Hubby's Alarm clock goes on (Urghhhh...)😫
- When he's taking his shower or putting his perfume on I can Smell it (due to his Excess ) 😷
- Then the morning Kiss 😘 before he leaves, sometimes right after it, I wake up, but most of the times I stay in bed!
- I am supposed to eat my breakfast at 7:00 o'clock ...it happens ONce in a WHile...  😉 
- ...And then I start my JOURNEY... Organizing...cooking... Luckily I am not doing much of cleaning because now I have a Helper, a very dynamic guy who follows directions clearly! Thanks God! 🙏
- Well I forgot to mention that I prepare my Breakfast ( you will see in the Picture) and feels so good to seat down to eat...well feels better now that I am current not working, lets see how it goes when I start working again
- Since is 10:08 I must eat my Yogurt with vegetal fiber 👍

Hope you Guys Like my Post!

A Healthy Morning is based on that 👆 and to make it shorter feeling Good about choosing to eat well because it does not hurt!

L❤ve u all

Truly Yours


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