Promise I will behave!!!

I know it has been like forever that I don't post anything... Life has treating me well (can't complain) my only problem is laziness ... Yes that's all!!! I am still committed to you all but I was on a "forced vacation" for too long ... Yeah spent 1 month in Germany and quite sometime in Portugal!!! Imagine... How lazy I was... I am back , like always full of News, but will not share them on this post cause I am in Bad fighting to sleep although my eyes are pretty much closed I'd say... But before I forgot: I hate this bubbly skin I have in my Blog! Honestly, did u guys like!?! Right?!? First thing I need to do is take it out.... I am a little obsessed with polka dots!!! Enough!!!
Love u all lots... Keep coming....
Trully urs,
Claudia ClaKi!


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