New Items IN

Hello my lovely Readers,
I am in Europe, Portugal, gladly ...uff was in need of civilization :) I went to Sephora, off course! One of my first stops and got this!
The Naked 2 pallet was my "Most Wanted" I even tried on-line but no success; the Mint polish also was my target; unfortunately couldn't find the Ysl I went for.
Hope u like it...


  1. Claudia amei all of your new items :)
    We should do the Swap tag that would be great ;)
    Let me know something ;)
    xoxo Daisy!

  2. Thanks Daisy! I am so Glad you Stop by my Blog once in a While. Thank u very much! Let's Do it... (unless u explain what exactly is that LOL :) I'd Love to!



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